From Grief into Vision: A Council

The grief of this time is uparalleled and still the possibilities for the future are luminous. Because we do no know the way, the spirits speak to us. From Grief into Vision: a Council is a new form for these time, gathering the myriad beings, the many voices, the different traditions into the great wisdom way of what Malidoma Somé  recognizes as The Tradition.

From Grief into Vision is a Council on the page, interweaving dreams, community stories and visions, the collective wisdom of “all our relations,” the human, plants, and the animals, even the Earth itself, into unexpected partnerships.

Just as 9/11 called forth Deena Metzger’s last book, Entering the Ghost River: Meditations on the Theory and Practice of Healing, Katrina called forth From Grief into Vision. 

After Katrina, the path was clear … enter into alliances:

I have wanted to write this since I returned in October from the pilgrimage to Botswana to meet with the Elephant Ambassadors and to Liberia with everyday gandhis to participate in their visionary peacebuilding efforts in West Africa.

But first you must understand that the Elephant Ambassadors came yet again. 

Nothing that will be written here must undermine or detract form the incomprehensible but incontrovertible occurrence – the Elephant Ambassador that came to several of us in Botswana in 2000 [See Entering the Ghost River] came again, this time with his community to meet our community, in September 2005.  Trying to understand and respond to this miraculous event is an integral part of responding to the environmental and political crises that threaten the continuing existence of the planet because it urgently requires, like so many other similar incidents that we have all experienced, a thoughtful and heartfelt reassessment of the true nature of reality and the consequences and possibilities of the ways we live our lives.

This book considers the possible roads that can lead us from Katrina, Vietnam and Agent Orange, from Chernobyl and radiation poisoning, to the compelling communications of the Kogi of Columbia, the brave and adamant stands of the women in  Liberia, the transformation of ex-combatants and the Mourning Feasts that inscribe peace and restoration in a formerly war-torn country. It concludes with the Bemidji Statement on Seventh Generation Guardianship arising from the Indigenous Environmental Network. 

It is a difficult and sorrowful story that we are in. It requires everything of each of us who have enough love, sorrow and courage in our hearts.  We have to find the pieces of this story that may best sustain creation.

Epiphany occurs as the stories in the field come together into one story.  We have to bring them together, find the coherence and possibility among all the parts.  We have to find, and then live the coherent story. 

From Grief into Vision: A Council
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