Tanzania Safari: Future Guardians of Peace
with an original essay Alliance in the Selous
by Deena Metzger

In Liberia, where the ngo everyday gandhis works with former child soldiers, ex combatants and other war-affected people, the elephant is considered an avatar of peace. In the last year, as part of her work as senior advisor to the peacebuilding organization, Deena Metzger accompanied a group of these young ex-combatants on a photo safari into Tanzania so they could see the wild in its own place and on its own terms, the wild destroyed by civil war in their own country. The elephants came and the trip into the Selous was a journey in healing fear; a journey told in their own words and pictures and with her original essay "Alliance in the Selous" in the book TANZANIA SAFARI: FUTURE GUARDIANS OF PEACE published this year by everyday gandhis.

This exquisite photography book documents a part of the transformation of former child soldiers and war-affected youth into peacemakers who call themselves Future Guardians of Peace. Their journey unfolds as they forge deep connections with the natural world on safari and face fears and find ways of peacemaking in soccer games in a Masaai village. Every photo was taken by these Future Guardians of Peace, who have learned to see anew through the lens of cameras and their healing journey.

Tanzania Safari: Future Guardians of Peace is now available from everyday gandhis, 805-966-9300 or visit their website at http://www.everydaygandhis.org.